Ending and Reflection

the project briefcase: episode 10

As this podcast, this project, comes to an end, this final episode of The Project Briefcase focuses on how projects end. The act of completing projects has been discussed at length on this show, but how they go gentle into that good night has yet to be given its due, until now. This episode not only explains the process, but it demonstrates the most integral part of ending a project, the Reflection Process. English Facilitator Rachelle Antcliff returns to the show to explain how the reflecting on a project works, and Project Briefcase Host Joe Steele and Producer Grant Adkins partake in the process and reflect on their experience creating this podcast. After that, Grant sat down with one last group, facilitators Josh Giebel and Andrew Larson as well as students Toni Fisher, Noe Perez and Troy Gayman to talk about their experience working with Grant and Mr. Steele to help create this show.

This show would not have been possible without the help of those who took the time out of their days to make a guest appearance. Special thanks to the entire English 12 class for their Episode 1 segments; students Catharine Reed, Ahmad Mohuidin, Aaron Brown, Caige Comstock, Jacqueline Cowan, Arturo Contrera, Toni Fisher, Addie Smith, Madison Wilson and Troy Gayman; Facilitators Nick Bullman, Andrea Behling, Matt Baker, Andrew Larson, Josh Giebel, Matt Morrill, Mary McDonough, Gail Nowells and Rachelle Antcliff; CSA Principal Mike Reed and anyone else that we might have missed.