The Project Briefcase is a weekly dive into the wonders of Project Based Learning at the Columbus Signature Academy


The show originated as a task given CSA English Facilitator Joe Steele by Ryan Steuer, the Executive Director of Magnify Learning -- make a podcast about PBL. Initially conceived as a single episode detailing Authenticity, the base foundation for PBL, Mr. Steele sought help from CSA Senior and podcast aficionado Grant Adkins. Grant then expanded Mr. Steele's vision into a weekly series composed of ten episodes each focusing on a different aspect of PBL and its implementation at CSA.



Joe Steele

CSA English Facilitator/Host

Mr. Steele was originally tasked with creating a podcast about CSA and the creative mind behind its awesome name. He taught at the CSA middle school for several years before joining the high school's faculty to teach English 10, 12 and Creative Writing. He is also a huge fan of the jam band Phish.

Grant Adkins

CSA Senior/Producer

The Project Briefcase is Grant Adkins's Senior Project, meaning that he took up the brunt, if not all, of the burden required to create this podcast. He does all of the writing, interviewing, recording and editing for the show. Outside of The Project Briefcase, he is an Eagle Scout, podcast aficionado and collector of fountain pens.



columbus signature academy

Columbus Signature Academy is a revolutionary pathway to education. CSA benefits from being a small school where real connections among students and staff can be made and sustained. The sense of connection and belonging that students feel is but one of many attributes of our small school culture. Strong relationships develop among all the people involved on our campus.


Project Based learning

Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. In Gold Standard PBL, projects are focused on student learning goals.