Research paper

One of the Senior Project requirements is that the student must write an academic research paper covering a topic that is at the very least tangentially related to his or her Senior Project. Since The Project Briefcase is all about a unique learning system (PBL) and school (CSA), Grant's paper focused on a mainstay in the education industry, standardized testing.



Every Senior must give a proposal presentation to a panel of judges at the beginning of the year as well as complete a written proposal in order to get their project approved. The proposal must explain the idea, scope, benchmarks and other necessary details of the project. Attached is Grant's Senior Project Proposal.

Work log

Each Senior is required to complete at least fifteen hours of work over the course of a Senior Project. All of these hours must be logged and the mentor must sign off and verify that the student has completed the work. Grant worked a total of approximately 16 hours over the course of the project. Attached is a copy of his work log.


MEntor Evaluation

At the end of the Senior Project, the student's mentor is required to complete a brief evaluation of the student's work throughout the course of the project. Attached is Mr. Steele's evaluation of Grant.