4. Senior Project Showcase

This episode of the Project Briefcase comes from the same vein as the previous episode. While Episode 3 focused on amazing project conducted in various classes, this episode showcases four amazing Senior Projects that students at CSA are completing, once again as a series of interviews with Project Briefcase producer Grant Adkins. First, Aaron Brown explains his helping create and running the streaming infrastructure for a robotics competition hosted by Purdue Polytechnic Institute in Columbus, IN. Then Toni Fisher tells Grant about her working with Physics facilitator Gail Nowells to install a fully functioning windmill on the roof of the school to supply power to the building. Then the partnership of seniors Addie Smith and Madison Wilson discuss their efforts to create the Project Pantry, a community resource for students, especially those struggling financially to gather project materials. Finally, Troy Gayman details his scholarship and ACT prep groups and how he's helping fellow CSA students prepare for college.

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